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 Q: Why should I use a real estate salesperson?

 A: A salesperson will act on your better behalf and provide you with advice and guidance to better fit your needs to benefit your home.

Q:What is an escrow agent?

A:An escrow agent is typically a third party designated to hold an item (usually funds, but sometimes certain documents, such as a deed and/or mortgages) for a certain time or until the occurrence of a condition, at which time the escrow agent is to hand over the item to another party.

Q:Am I required to use an attorney when selling my home?

A: In some cases, an attorney is very involved in the real estate transaction, including negotiating the contract, preparing documents and attending the closings. In others, attorneys may get involved only after the contract is negotiated but do not attend the closing. In many states, attorneys are rarely involved in residential sales and purchases until problems arise. It all depends on the seller's case.



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